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Learning Support for B1 English Test for Private Hire Drivers

What is in the B1 English Language exam?

ISE I (BI) consists of two exam modules:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Speaking & Listening

Candidates must pass both modules for an ISE I (B1) qualification.


Reading & Writing

2 hours:

  • 2 x Reading tasks
  • 1 x Reading into writing task
  • 1 x Writing task
Speaking & Listening

18 minutes:

  • 1 x Topic task
  • 1 x Conversation task
  • 2 x Listening tasks

Guidance for B1 English Test Candidates

Practice papers – Reading & Writing

Sample Exam Paper 1 with answers

Sample Exam Paper 2 with answers

Practice listening exam tasks

Listen to an example B1 English Language listening test

Read instructions on the B1 English Language listening test